Paying Your Bills Never Got Easier

Are medical bills stacking up and putting a strain on your life? Allow Medical Recovery Services help you make a payment plan that will eliminate your debt and bring you to financial freedom.

Patient Payment Portal

Medical Release Form

Please download this Medical Recovery Services Medical Release Form. This form authorizes Medical Recovery Services to receive, inspect, or copy any billing records, medical records, opinions, other documents, and or information regarding the stated account/accounts that are in question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Is there a process to reverse my negative credit rating?

Yes, if accounts in current collection status are paid in full and patient inquires for the credit to be reversed MRS has ability to delete negative reporting off their credit.

How do I set up payment arrangements?

Call our main office number at (208) 359-9447, an authorized customer service agent will assist in starting a payment plan for you and assert questions about balances owed.

What do I do if the balance doesn’t seem accurate?

You can obtain a medical release form, send it to MRS Call our office number at ******, an authorized customer service agent will verify your personal information,

Does MRS accept Settlement offers?

Patient calls MRS to submit the proposed settlement offer first.The requirement for MRS to accept settlement offer’s is a minimum balance owed of $300 dollar’s. Settlement offer’s are reviewed, accepted or declined case by case.

What is a medical release form?

A medical release form gives a third party company permission to access medical documents pertaining to the medical accounts owed. This is a document signed by the patient allowing third party(Medical Recovery Services) to obtain medical records.

How do I receive documentation of services rendered?

Patient would call the MRS office and request a medical release form to fill out. Subsequent to receiving the signed release form MRS will obtain and send the itemized demographic information along with dates of services.

Does MRS charge fees or interest?

No, MRS only collects on principle balances owed.

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